In need of high quality, safe and secure Gonzales, LA storage units? How about room for your bigger toys like boats, RV's, and more? Whether it’s warm or cold out, everyone loves recreational boating. But before leaving the dock, there are many boating practices that will help you enjoy your time on the water. Let’s see:
Practice - Even though boating is not rocket science, few are the people who jump into a boat and take off with no knowledge whatsoever. Find someone to help you out in the beginning and get that practice in first.
Make a checklist - You can use your smartphone for this. Include all the necessary equipment for your boating trip, such as a first aid kit with all the basic necessities (stuff like sunscreen and medications that can be used for motion sickness), hats (your face also needs to be covered, even more so if you are taking a long trip in the hot sun), and bottled water.
Set up a float plan - Before you leave, keep a float plan on the shore so that someone knows where and when to go looking for you. Remember 127 Hours, the movie? A float plan can include information like the phone number of passengers, the boat type, and the travel itinerary.
Life jackets - You may think that wearing a life jacket in the summer is uncomfortable, but these important pieces of equipment can help keep you and your family safe around water. Make sure there is a life jacket for every person on the boat, even if they don’t know how to swim.
Check the skies - It would be great if we could all travel every time the schedule allows, but boating is an activity that demands us to pick the weather carefully. You don’t want to be caught off guard by an unexpected storm.
Finally, you should have fun - and don’t forget to wave at the other boaters, too!
In order to make sure your watercraft is in good shape when it’s time to sail, you may want to consider using boat storage in Gonzales, Louisiana. Whether you just bought a new boat or think buying one for the first time would be a good investment, you are sure to benefit from our boat storage spaces. We offer both indoor and outdoor parking options at the North Leah Street location. We’re happy to make your boating experiences more fun!